get more butts in your seats!

Done-For-You guest marketing, engagement, rewards, referrals, birthdays and consulting.
Are You Ready To Boost Your Sales and Profits?

GEt More butts in your seats!

Turn customers into frequent diners and regulars with the Marketing Suite.  

We created a complete solution that helps cure the problem of not enough business and a full service to do it for you so you get quick results. 

Let FanCONNECT put More Butts In Your Seats, increase repeat business and increase profits. 

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We'll share with you our 5 pillar system, how to make hundreds even thousands more, and  how to build a massive customer list that reliably makes you more money

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Complete Digital marketing solution for yOur business

Here's What you get with FanCONNECT

Special Occasion Marketing

We send marketing incentives to your customers to drive business

  • birthdays/anniversary
  • Easter
  • Mother's Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Holidays/christmas
  • BOOST Word-of-mouth


Build or Grow your customer list with Wifi and Mobile tools

  • Build/Grow
    your customer list
  • Collect customer email, mobile and Facebook info
  • Automated ads
  • Build your customer list


Earn 88% more profits with a rewards program. Your customers will visit 2X more often and spend up to 4X more.

  • Loyal customers spend
    64% more
  • Monthly Promotions
  • Choose threshold or value back rewards

Mobile Coupon

Reach your customers wherever they are with Mobile Marketing.

  • engage customers on their mobile phones
  • boost your word of mouth with mobile sharing
  • Send Mobile Coupons

Build Your Customer List

With a customer list you can increase repeat business, build loyalty, word of mouth and referrals. Marketing Suite comes with list building tools 

  • WiFi Router
  • Mobile KIOSK
  • SMS Text
  • Faccebook


We get your loyal customers and raving fans to promote your business with incentives. 

  • Automated Email 
  • Automated SMS
  • Mobile MMS
  • viral share

Touchpoint Marketing

Engaging your customers every month creates sales opportunities, maintains top of mind awareness and promotes your business.

  • We Miss You
  • Thank You
  • Monthly Holidays
  • Special Offer
  • Custom


Send your customers Your Menu to the cell phone

  • Landing Page
  • Get Instant Offers
  • Rewards Sign up
  • Balance Check for their rewards

Restaurants that partner with us

Find our managed marketing services to boost their engagement and business because we focus on bringing in parties to the restaurant with our Special Occasion marketing, and building constant engagement with great offers and strengthening word of mouth with our tell-a-friend system.

Owners feel like they've got their own virtual marketing team.  

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