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Birthday Marketing
Good Will and Good Business

We invite local patrons to your business on their birthday.



External Marketing Service

4 Million

Birthday Parties invited


People look for a Birthday card in the mail


Promotions per mailer

Everyone loves to receive a birthday gift. FanCONNECT turns birthdays into a powerful solution that drives business

Birthdays 4 business Marketing Suite
done for You

A complete done for you marketing solution that sends Birthday cards to local patrons, gets them to your business with other guest to celebrate, builds a patron list, markets your business every month and provides all the tools and service without you lifting a finger.

Birthday Card

We mail patrons in within your CORE Demographic a gift on their birthday to your business. We handle it all from the design to the mailer to the data.

promotion center

Our powerful sales and marketing Promotion Center integrates everything to boost your sales, build repeat business, automate marketing and appreciate/reward your patrons.

marketing suite

Our powerful WiFi solution, Mobile Marketing and Coupons, Email Promotions, Promotion Center all integrated to boost your sales, build repeat business and automate marketing.

coaching & planning

Our in-house team of experts manage your marketing and promotions digitally and birthday card promotions so you don't have to.

Example Birthday Card Mailers

Customized For Your Business. Postcard size: 8.5 X 5.5 with wallet-size tear-outs

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