How's it work?

CONNECTing with your customers creates raving fans and influencers. You got customers coming in to your business; Let the Marketing Suite turn casual patrons into loyal customers, then raving fans and then influencers. Marketing Suite COLLECTS, CONNECTS AND YOU CASH IN!

marketing messages

Connect to your guests with automated marketing messages, offers and surveys. 


Customize everything from splash page, data allowance, wFfi time allowance, SSID, and more.

Grow marketing list

Grow your marketing list with accurate Facebook data, Email addresses and mobile numbers.

Grow social media

Redirect your customers to social media pages, websites, or other promotional content.

Complete automated and done for you marketing 

complete and automated marketing

Marketing Suite

Put our 5 pillar marketing solution to work for your business.

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Marketing Suite is for retailers, restaurant, and small business owners that want more repeat business, customers and cashflow. With Marketing Suite you will build your customer list effortlessly, send marketing messages that are relevant and automated, and increase your cash flow - all with one platform.

Why's a customer list important?

A customer list will help you boost sales with repeatable business of customers already buying from you. That means you save money on advertising and boost your word-of-mouth with your best customers.

Healthier business

Having more reliable, predictable, and steady business makes it possible to deliver more consistent products and the best customer service. That will increase more positive reputation, likes and reviews - A Healthier Business for you.

Our Goal: Increase You Cash Flow
Marketing Solutions: 5 Pillars

About us

LIST Building tools

WiFi | Email | Mobile | KIOSK | Done-For-You.

LIST building with wifi

Build email , facebook and mobile lists from your Free WiFi, and put your marketing on autopilot.

Offer free wifi

Tell your customers that you offer FREE WiFi. Your customers access the internet with their email address, Facebook account or mobile number

customer database

Customer email addresses, Facebook data and Mobile numbers are stored in your database along with frequency of visit.

automated marketing

Introduce new offers and items to your customers when they log in to your WiFi. Redirect them to your Facebook or social media.

connect with your customers with our

Email Builder

Email marketing helps you maintain a top of mind with your customers, grow referrals, increase repeat business, and with our Automated marketing your business keeps marketing itself even while your busy.


We make it easy to communicate with your new opted in guests and can even issue a reward just for signing up.


Send birthday wishes and gifts to your patrons automatically 1 week before and on the day of their birthday with our Birthday Club.

customer appreciation and loyalty

Increase frequent visits with the built-in customer appreciation and loyalty emails. We even offer automated monthly messaging.


Stimulate higher guest checks and celebrations with Anniversary Club

List building with mobile marketing


Reach your customers even when they're on the go.  FanCONNECT Mobile Marketing Solutions makes it possible for you to keep your customers informed, engaged and frequently buying.

Awesome features

We've created a simple yet powerful platform for mobile marketing with features that are unmatched. Like our Loyalty KIOSK, Stunning Coupons, Sharable Coupon offers, Facebook Integration and much, much more.

Modern and Smart

Our platform is not only modern with an easy to use dashboard but smart with automation, custom coupon offers, bulk or targeted messaging, loyalty and more. 

mobile marketing kiosk

increase sign ups with mobile kiosk

Building customer databases with mobile numbers, quick and easy customer sign up in your business, or at an event FanCONNECT Mobile has the perfect solution for building your customer list.

Look and Feel

Designed for your brand including logo and colors. Fast and easy customer sign up.

Management & Marketing

Manage Coupons and Rewards with built-in redemption tools. Send engaging bounce-back offers, We miss you and other offers to boost repeat sales.


Set Your Mobile rewards, Initial Offer and then your Patrons enter the mobile number and name to receive a confirmation TEXT and initial offer.


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or get a complete turnkey solution. We'll design the KIOSK for your business. Our Turnkey solutions include iPad, tablet stand or enclosure and complete configuration for quick and easy setup.

Do-It-For-Me Services

Digital marketing services created for the busy business owner

Gain insight to what your patrons think

Surveys & Feedback

Gain insights on how your customers feel about your service, products and business with our feedback monitor.

Birthday Marketing

Birthday club

Birthday promotions create new business, builds good will and is a very powerful marketing promotion. We manage your Birthday promotions for you..

Mobile Coupon

mobile coupons

Mobile coupons increase repeat business and give your customers immediate value. Grow your customer base with built-in mobile sharing.

We supply your business with the 5 must have marketing solutions and manage your digital marketing efforts.

SAVE TIME + MONEY = cash in

Customer List

Fact is you can grow your business reliably and steadily with a customer list. Imagine what your sales opportunities will be with your customer list. Simply put the more customers in your list the more sales you will have and more effective your marketing.

The Marketing Suite includes 5 ways to build your list and keep your customers coming back.

Birthday club

Everyone has a birthday. We'll help you put in place a successful birthday marketing solution that gets your customers coming to your restaurant or business to celebrate their birthday with their friends and family.

Take advantage of this powerful marketing solution to build loyalty, word of mouth and repeat business.

Customer appreciation & Rewards

Build good will in your business with customer appreciation and rewards.

FanCONNECT keeps track of your best customers to promote goodwill and raving fans with VIP or membership rewards, while developing brand loyalty and customer appreciation

touchpoint automation

Engaging your customers every month creates sales opportunities, maintains top of mind awareness and promotes your business.

Every month is a marekting opportunity for your business. Send offers on commercial holidays, for monthly promotions, or specials to your customers. FanCONNECT will create, manage and send your markeitng offers.

concierge sales & Marketing

Running your business is what your best at use our team of experts to promote your business.

Our team will create your emails, mobile messages, mobile coupons, promotions and manage your marketing services.

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Complete Digital marketing solution for yOur business

COLLECT. CONNECT. Cash in = Marketing Suite

list building

Build or Grow your customer list with Wifi and Mobile tools

  • Build/Grow
    your customer list
  • Collect customer email, mobile and Facebook info
  • Automated ads
  • Build your customer list

Mobile Coupon

Reach your customers wherever they are with Mobile Marketing.

  • engage customers on their mobile phones
  • boost your word of mouth with mobile sharing
  • Send Mobile Coupons


Increase Repeat Business.
Choose Threshold or Value Back.

  • Loyal customers spend
    64% more
  • Monthly Promotions
  • Choose threshold or value back rewards

Birthday Marketing

7 out of people eat out on theirs on or someone else's birthday

  • boost business with birthdays
  • People are ready to buy on their birthdays
  • Increase REpeat Business
  • BOOST Word-of-mouth

Build Your Customer List

With a customer list you can increase repeat business, build loyalty, word of mouth and referrals. Marketing Suite comes with list building tools 

  • WiFi Router
  • Mobile KIOSK
  • SMS Text
  • Faccebook
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Verifone Terminal

Birthday Club

Everyone has a birthday.  FanCONNECT sends birthday wishes and offers to your customers. Increase your customer base 4-6 times.

  • Automated Email 
  • Automated SMS
  • Mobile MMS
  • Expiring offer or Open
  • Fixed amount or Comp
  • Membership Clas

Customer Appreciation & Rewards

Earn 88% more profits with a rewards program.  Your customers will visit 2X more often and spend up to 4X more.

  • Card or Cardless
  • Mobile Ready
  • Instant Rewards
  • Change Rewards Anytime
  • Mobile Balance Check
  • Automated Thank You

Touchpoint Marketing

Engaging your customers every month creates sales opportunities, maintains top of mind awareness and promotes your business.

  • Anniversary
  • We Miss You
  • Thank You
  • Monthly Holidays
  • Special Offer
  • Custom


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about FanCONNECT

We're here for you and focused on getting you new customers, increasing repeat business and putting more money in your bank. Our team is here to provide your business with a marketing platform and know how to build your customer list, keep you connected with your customers and incentivize customers to increase their frequency of purchase.

Why a customer list
Your business depends on getting and keeping customers. You spend money to get your customers in the door doesn't it make sense to keep them coming back? With FanCONNECT we understand the importance of a customer list, so we provide you with a platform and technology that makes it super simple to build and grow your customer list without lifting a finger. Your customer list turns into a referral engine, automated marketing to your best customers and a great way to win back lost customers.
Customer appreciation and rewards
What if you could increase your profits 88%? With a customer appreciation and rewards program you can. Put our automated platform to work for your business. Send timely offers, reminders, and show a little love for their patronage and purchases and you see how fast and easy it is to boost your profits.
Staying connected with your customers is a great way to build your business and create word of mouth.  Our Promotion Center makes it possible to keep your customers engaged and spreading your word of mouth with Touchpoints.
24/7 professional support
Our Sales and Marketing Genies are here for you and we even manage your marketing for you.  Use all that extra time to grow your business.