get more butts in your seats!

Done-For-You guest marketing, engagement, rewards, referrals, birthdays and consulting.
Are You Ready To Boost Your Sales and Profits?

GEt More butts in your seats!

Turn customers into frequent diners and regulars with the Marketing Suite.  

We created a complete solution that helps cure the problem of not enough business and a full service to do it for you so you get quick results. 

Let FanCONNECT put More Butts In Your Seats, increase repeat business and increase profits. 

Turnkey and EASY

We provide a turnkey system that is ready for you to sign up customers into your club,  get new and repeat business, and no-fuss to operate.  Now that's EASY!

Get S.O.M.

Our Special Occasion Marketing Service focuses on marketing events with parties of 3 or more like...
* Birthdays
* Anniversaries
* Easter
* Mother's Day
* Holiday Season

Referrals and Word-of-Mouth Marketing

We get your loyal customers and raving fans to refer you new business.

Create Massive Guest List

We provide you with the right tools and tech to build customer databases and then market to them with automation and custom messaging. 

Restaurants that partner with us

Find our managed marketing services to boost their engagement and business because we focus on bringing in parties to the restaurant with our Special Occasion marketing, and building constant engagement with great offers and strengthening word of mouth with our tell-a-friend system.

Owners feel like they've got their own virtual marketing team.  

Complete Digital marketing solution for yOur business

Here's What you get with FanCONNECT

Special Occasion Marketing

We send marketing incentives to your customers to drive business

  • birthdays/anniversary
  • Easter
  • Mother's Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Holidays/christmas
  • BOOST Word-of-mouth

Wi-Fi Marketing

Build or Grow your customer list with Wifi and Mobile tools

  • Build/Grow
    your customer list
  • Collect customer email, mobile and Facebook info
  • Automated ads
  • Build your customer list


Earn 88% more profits with a rewards program. Your customers will visit 2X more often and spend up to 4X more.

  • Loyal customers spend
    64% more
  • Monthly Promotions
  • Choose threshold or value back rewards

Mobile Coupon

Reach your customers wherever they are with Mobile Marketing.

  • engage customers on their mobile phones
  • boost your word of mouth with mobile sharing
  • Send Mobile Coupons

Build Your Customer List

With a customer list you can increase repeat business, build loyalty, word of mouth and referrals. Marketing Suite comes with list building tools 

  • WiFi Router
  • Mobile KIOSK
  • SMS Text
  • Faccebook


We get your loyal customers and raving fans to promote your business with incentives. 

  • Automated Email 
  • Automated SMS
  • Mobile MMS
  • viral share

Touchpoint Marketing

Engaging your customers every month creates sales opportunities, maintains top of mind awareness and promotes your business.

  • We Miss You
  • Thank You
  • Monthly Holidays
  • Special Offer
  • Custom


Send your customers Your Menu to the cell phone

  • Landing Page
  • Get Instant Offers
  • Rewards Sign up
  • Balance Check for their rewards

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We supply your business with the 5 must have marketing solutions and manage your digital marketing efforts.

SAVE TIME + MONEY = cash in

Customer List

Fact is you can grow your business reliably and steadily with a customer list. Imagine what your sales opportunities will be with your customer list. Simply put the more customers in your list the more sales you will have and more effective your marketing.

The Marketing Suite includes 5 ways to build your list and keep your customers coming back.

Birthday club

Everyone has a birthday. We'll help you put in place a successful birthday marketing solution that gets your customers coming to your restaurant or business to celebrate their birthday with their friends and family.

Take advantage of this powerful marketing solution to build loyalty, word of mouth and repeat business.

Customer appreciation & Rewards

Build good will in your business with customer appreciation and rewards.

FanCONNECT keeps track of your best customers to promote goodwill and raving fans with VIP or membership rewards, while developing brand loyalty and customer appreciation

touchpoint automation

Engaging your customers every month creates sales opportunities, maintains top of mind awareness and promotes your business.

Every month is a marekting opportunity for your business. Send offers on commercial holidays, for monthly promotions, or specials to your customers. FanCONNECT will create, manage and send your markeitng offers.

concierge sales & Marketing

Running your business is what your best at use our team of experts to promote your business.

Our team will create your emails, mobile messages, mobile coupons, promotions and manage your marketing services.

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Do-It-For-Me Services

Digital marketing services created for the busy business owner

Birthday Marketing

Birthday club

We manage your Birthday promotions for you.  Whether it's sending new birthday parties to your business or managing you in-house birthday club. Birthday promotions create new business, builds good will and is a very powerful marketing promotion.

Mobile Coupon

Marketing Strategies

Email, Mobile, Special Occasions, Customer Appreciation, we've got you covered.   We increase repeat business and give your customers immediate value. We put your Word-Of-Mouth on steroids and grow your customer base.

Gain insight to what your patrons think

Surveys & Feedback

Gain insights on how your customers feel about your service, products and business with our feedback monitor.



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